Saturday, May 16, 2015

Warped tour 101

Warning: Totally unrelated to most posts, But, yk, read if you need/want to

Hey guys, I'm telling you some Warped Tour 101 tips because the website doesn't tell all! read there first, and then come back.

1. Follow all warped rules
2. Please, I know it's hot, but don't wear your bra and underwear.
3. Wear tennis shoes. You shoes will not protect you feet if they keep falling off in a mosh.
4. Don't be a pedo and be feeling girls when they crowd surf.
5. Try and keep your calm when meeting someone like a band member or youtuber. They like it better, and you seem cooler so you can have an actual conversation.
6.Stay in groups if you're with a friend.
7.CHARGE YOUR PHONE. If possible, bring one of those portable chargers.
8.Report any bad people. Not punk rockers, they're cool asf. But people who are harassing someone, or have any weapons etc.
9. Don't be the person who is to embarrassed to let loose. Fav song? Go ahead, do the wobble or head band or whatever. You do you.
10. Dress appropriate according to weather, venue and moshing

Comment if you guys are going and I'll message you and if you're going where I'm going maybe we can meet up? Love you guys <3

Friday, May 15, 2015

I need advice!

First off, I'm going to see Falling In Reverse :O :D
Okay okay, lets get going. There is this guy... and he likes me i like him yadda yadda yadda. Any who, he has anger issues. I'm willing to set that aside, because I'm not perfect either, but very recently it got a lot more serious. He's started spreading rumors about me because he got mad that I (I'm a girl if that hasn't been specified yet. My name is Jade) didn't ask him to the dance. So should I try and talk to him, work things out? Or should I just leave? He's gotten like this before, so it isn't the first. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment what I should do.

ALSO, remember that I am open to any rants, am willing to give advice and will accept you no matter what. Unless you are a spider. I'm sorry, they scare me. If you want this to be private, comment down below "private please" and we'll work something out, wether it be instagram, tumblr or twitter! Love you all <3

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Teen Addicts: Rants, Advice and Acceptance.

Acceptance. That's all we ever want, especially when you fit in as much as a black rose in a field of color. But that's why I'm here. Anonymously, sadly, because I get made fun of enough at school for liking the music I do, dressing the way I do and acting the way I do. I have anxiety, get bad panic attacks, and a full-time fangirl for my favorite bands like sws, ptv, fiv and mcr. I'm here to help you guys feel better. I can't prevent bullies or any of your fears from swallowing you into the darkness called protection. But, I can make this hell a lot of a nicer place. If you need anything, I'm here I promise. Need advice? I got you. Any ranting? Comment it, I'll rant with you. Need acceptance? Me too, we'll get through this together, I promise. I love you all. Stay strong <3